Dr Heather Boetto

Senior Lecturer in Social Work, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, FOAE

Heather is also co-leader of the Environmental and Social Justice Research Group (with Assoc Prof Karen Bell). Heather’s research focuses on environmental social work, climate change and disasters. Using a feminist lens, she understands issues associated with masculinity and the gendered impacts of the global environmental crisis on women and children, particularly women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Heather’s research in relation to gender and the environment have involved the development of a transformative eco-social work model for practice, social policy and rural women.

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Publications (with direct reference to gender/feminism in title)

Bell, K., Kime, K., & Boetto, H. (2019). Gender, environmental degradation and eco-feminism. In M, Rinkel & M. Powers (Eds.), Social Work Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability: A Workbook for Social Work Practitioners and Educators (Vol.3). Rheinfelden, Switzerland: International Federation of Social Work (IFSW).

Boetto, H., McKinnon, J. (2013). Rural women and climate change: A gender inclusive social policy perspective. Australian Social Work, 66 (2), 234-247.

Boetto, H., & McKinnon, J. (2013). Gender and climate change in Australia: A review of differences. Critical Social Work.14 (1), 15-18. Retrieved from http://www1.uwindsor.ca/criticalsocialwork/system/files/Boetto_McKinnon.pdf