Dr Jaquelyn Osborne

Lecturer in Physio-social dimension, School, Exercise Science, Sport and Health, FOS

Jaquelyn Osborne teaches in the psycho-social dimensions of sport and exercise particularly in sport sociology, sport history and philosophy. Jac’s research is predominantly in the area of gender and sports media, with a particular focus on women and sport, gender based abuse and violence in social media spaces and feminist insights into sport.

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Osborne, J., Kavanagh, E., and Litchfield, C. (in press). Freedom for expression or a space of oppression? Social media and the female @thlete. In Bowes, A. and A. Culvin (Eds.). Women’s sport in a professional era. Emerald Publishing.

Kavanagh, E. J., Litchfield, C., & Osborne, J. (2020). Virtual technologies as tools of maltreatment: Safeguarding in Digital Spaces. In M. Lang, The Routledge Handbook of Athlete Welfare. London: Routledge. (book to be published in November)

Kavanagh, E., Osborne, J., and Litchfield, C. (2019). Sporting women and social media: Sexualization, misogyny and gender based violence in online spaces. International Journal of Sport Communication, 12(4), pp. 552-572.

Litchfield, C., Kavanagh, E. J., Osborne, J., and Jones, I. (2018). Social media and politics of gender, race and identity: The case of Serena Williams. European Journal for Sport and Society, 15(2), 154-170.

Litchfield, C., Kavanagh, E. J., Osborne, J., and Jones, I. (2016). Virtual Maltreatment, Sexualisation and Social Media: Maria Sharapova and the 2015 Wimbledon Finals. Psychology of Women Section Review, 18(2), 36-47.